Due to high volume of orders delivery time for suits is 8-10 weeks.

For any enquiry contact us: info@seatec.com.au

Sorry for any inconvenience.

About Us

SEATEC AQUASUITS PTY LTD is a manufacturer of HIGH QUALITY water sportswear. It brings together years of experience in research and development with the diving industry, culminating in the products we offer today.
Material choice, production methods, overall quality and presentation have all been refined to offer the best possible product. The company is AUSTRALIAN OWNED and the products are manufactured in our SYDNEY FACTORY, then shipped not only Australia wide but also to the competitive international market.

The website is designed to give you a look at our range, however, as we are manufacturers we can also offer services such as ‘Made to Measure” when your customer’s shape is not quite that of our standard suits, custom screen printing, stock altered, where a colour change or simple dimension changes may be required., Just to mention a few.
Please feel free to contact us and discuss your individual requirements, or refer to the sizing guide for your stock size fitting.

SEATEC Wetsuits & Drysuits: Australian Made – Australian Owned