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Helix Drysuit

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Whether you are diving for work or recreation, summer or winter, Seatec’s Helix 3.5mm neoprene drysuit has got you covered, with our unique wrap zip system, making the operator independent when donning or removing suit, add a great colour selection and choice of optional extras for the ultimate drysuit.

  • Unique self donning zip design
  • Micro cell 3.5mm neoprene for comfort and compression resistance
  • Tough lycra-operon external lining
  • Double glued and blind stitched outer seams
  • Internal seams reinforced with glued neoprene tape
  • Quality No. 8 drysuit zip
  • Internal wetsuit zip for aligning dry zip
  • Rugged full sole dry boots (socks available as option)
  • Full rotation inlet valve
  • Adjustable high volume exhaust valve
  • Active or non active ankle valves in boots
  • Heavy duty polyurethane knee pads
  • Internal braces
  • Multiple colours to choose from
  • Made to measure and standard sizes available
  • Range of optional extras available

Hleix Drysuit color map:
Helix Drysuit - colour map