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Shippings & Returns

1. Definitions

SEATEC.COM.AU is owned by SEATEC AQUASUITS PTY LTD. It will be named Provider.

Anyone who makes any request or quota to the provider or who but from provider will be named Customer.

2. Warranty and Insurance

If this is the case, products shipped to the Customer are fully insured worldwide by the post service used. The final price may or may not include includes insurance, it depends of chosen shipping method. If the Customer decides do not buy full insurance for products he buy, the Provider has no responsibility and the Customer agree never and nowhere to ask for returns or compensations. All products are covered by the manufacturer insurance. Any fault product will be returned direct to the manufacturer and not to the Provider. It does not apply to products delivered via download.

3. Shipping and delivery

Products are delivered using Australian Post Office Services, Curriers or COD (Cash On Delivery) as long as these methods are available. Items are delivered at the shipping address. It does not apply to products delivered via download.

4. Money return

a) Customer has the right to receive refund (partial or full). He must ask for it via email or using the contact page. He must provide all data in order to be fully identified (address, phone, email, full name, id, username and his order no. At the same time he must prove that his request is based on real facts.

b) Money will be never returned in the event the Customer violates the Agreement of this website. Please read Conditions of Use.

c) If the products covered by third part (i.e. insurance provided by the postal services) the process of returning is a matter of the third part terms and conditions, for example Australian Post Office or Shipping provider.

d) The Provider assumes all responsibilities to deliver in time only items or products manufactured by him (Provider). The customer agree never and nowhere ask the provider for any kind or compensation know or unknown if the item / product he has bought, has been sent to him by the third part. Before buying anything, customer should read carefully product details and specifications. If this is the case, the Customer agrees to ask for compensation only the direct supplier of products he paid. The Provider will fully support the customer in his action.

e) Customer can get back his money or can he can receive products with the same value he has paid (compensation).

For any further enquiries please use Contact Us.